"The Intelligent Course of Action for Anyone Interested in Achieving Real, Lasting Success by Accessing the Power of Your Mind"

Now tell yourself, “I am able to be as happy, successful, and confident as I want, right now. I only need to learn some simple, unique lessons to drop my limitations and create a life of unlimited potential, possibilities and opportunities."

There already exists a flow inside you as powerful as any raging river. It's ready to carve out canyons and set a powerful course for your life.

What stops it? What keeps you stuck? What's the only difference between someone achieving extraordinary results, extraordinary success -- and someone who's struggling, miserably, to get by?


Mental and physical blocks that can be eliminated as easily as you can drop a pencil.

When you remove blocks you enable a flow of energy, of creativity and abundance. There is nothing you cannot have. There are only thoughts and feelings. You have total command over them -- unless you give up that power.

Assume the Power

Mind Shifting will alter that balance of power. Mind Shifting will put you in control of your life. Shift your mind and your entire life shifts with it.

This is Beyond Positive Thinking
This is Beyond Thinking

Imagine yourself two weeks from today, free of the blocks that hold away abundance, creativity and success. Imagine that with a simple and effective way to see beyond the limitations of thinking you’ve created a vacuum that draws into your life exactly what you want.

Mind Shifting:
How to Free Your Mind and
Allow Your Dreams Come True

Free Your MindWhen you have cleared your path of limitations, what’s to stop you from having all that you desire? (Hint: Those answers of doubt crawling on your mind are blocks you could be free of forever. Just imagine the sense of peace, power and prosperity that will be yours when your path is clear of this useless clutter.)

When you’ve learned to free your mind . . .

  • You will tap into your ability to turn limiting thoughts and beliefs into thoughts and feelings that fuel your success.
  • You will feel more and more excited, successful and happy.
  • You will discover a heightened level of creativity; you will become an “outside the box” thinker.
  • You will become the master of your thoughts and emotions.
  • You will no longer feel the need to be burdened by feelings of guilt, overwhelm, fear, frustration or anger.

Here are just a few comments from people just like you who have been enriched by this material.

· "This is genius! Thank you so much John. I could have spent years finding this kind of material and insight and you've put it into daily lessons I can digest and use. This is great." - Sandy B. Portland, OR

· "Wow. I am really amazed. The more I do the lessons, the more my creativity just seems to expand. I'm practically flooded with new ideas for my business - I'm seeing things now . . . that seem like they should have been obvious." - Sam V., Decatur, GA

· "I never realized, until now, how much my thinking is really not helping me! I feel like a pretty positive person, but this material gives me a whole new vision for my life - a limitless vision. I get down sometimes and in the past that might have turned into a bad day - fights, frustration, stress - but now I see it's a choice and most importantly why I'm making that choice (well not anymore!). Thanks John." - Wesley M., Summerfield, IL

The sooner you order Mind Shifting: How to Free Your Mind and Make Your Dreams Come True! the sooner you can enjoy the abundance and success so many other are as a direct result of learning this powerful material.

Remember, this material will help you . . .

  • Turn limitations into unlimited potential . . .
  • Dissolve feelings of fear, anger, frustration and more . . .
  • Become an “out of the box thinker”, boosting your creativity and making you and “idea machine” . . .
  • Feel more confident, happy and successful . . .
  • Learn to master your thoughts and emotions simply and effectively . . .

I have sold this program to many happy people in the past for only $49.00. But I have a special offer for you below – after I share this exciting bonus with you . . .


I will also include this special bonus upgrade at no additional cost . . .

The Ideal Made Real by Christian D. Larson ($23.00 value)

This classic book reveals timeless secrets to turning your ideal life into reality.

This book presents practical methods through which you may . . .

  • Realize your ideals . . .
  • Cause your most cherished dreams to come true . . .
  • And cause the visions of your soul to become tangible realities in everyday life. . .

Contents include . . .

  • How to begin; First steps in ideal living;
  • First thought in ideal thinking;
  • Towards complete emancipation;
  • Paths to perpetual increase;
  • True use of kindness and sympathy;
  • Talk health, happiness and prosperity;
  • What determines the destiny of man;
  • The life that is worth living;
  • The Art of getting what is wanted;
  • Paths to happiness;
  • Changing your own fate.

You don’t realize it yet, but this is a defining moment in your life. This choice will set you, and accelerate you forward, on the path to limitless thinking.

Order today and get Mind Shifting: How to Free Your Mind and Make Your Dreams Come True! (a $49.00 value) plus The Ideal Made Real (a $23.00 value) for only $37.00. You save nearly 50%!

Best wishes to you, John

PS – Each and every day that you go without ordering you deny yourself the benefits of being a limitless thinker. While you think about ordering this special offer, consider the difference you will experience in your life when you are able to think and act with freedom – true freedom.

PPS – I know you're thinking "I'd have no reason to not take advantage of this offer with a money-back guarantee." So, my friend, I stand behind this offer with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t find this material has the potential to make a profound impact on your life, just drop me a note and I’ll refund your purchase price. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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