Understanding Why It Seems You Never Can Catch Up with Work

If you are reading this article then it is quite obvious that you have also fallen into the rut of doing more work, but getting less in the way of results. The good news is that you have found the right place for all of your time management needs. Although getting a thorough education on managing your time properly is beyond the scope of this one article, we hope to set you in the right direction with all of our free time management resources and advice found throughout this website.

Do you find yourself coming in to work early, staying late, and even going as far as taking your work home on the weekends? As a person who wants to be more productive, you are probably feeling as though you are working harder and longer each day, but not making any progress. Ultimately you find yourself buried under all of the work that you feel will help you “get ahead” but then you are left drained, tired, and without any quality time for yourself.

In the past, there has always been well written material available to help us manage our time but the advice given years ago inside these publications would not work in today's world. Today we find ourselves inundated with any numerous amount of wireless communications where people can always get in touch. In fact, we are expected to be available both night and day in most of our careers.

Our computers are almost tied to us at the hip and with fast communication programs which allows us to be available by email, messenger programs, and even by way of work discussion forums, it seems we can never leave work. Add to that the need to always have our cell phone equipped for incoming calls as well as voice-mail that seems to be available on an platform. Think about for a moment just how “plugged in” we are today and you will start to understand why managing our own time is given the cold shoulder as we are feverishly working to keep up with everything coming in.

For example, in the old days of the office we would have been happy just to be able to get a letter via FedEx to someone by the morning of the next day. Today we are expected to send documents immediately to the recipient. This is done by either faxing a file from one computer to another, attaching the document by email, or by attaching the files to download via a company website area.

There used to be a day where our offices were filled with secretaries who would type up our memos, prepare reports, gather research for presentations. Today however, these much appreciated office secretaries have been replaced with personal computers in which we are responsible for writing our own memos, sending our own reports, and designing our own presentations.

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